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  • Manukau - latest statistics

    Hot off the press, the latest data from QV reports that the Auckland market has increased 11.7% from this time last year and a 31.8% increase from 2007. Manukau has had a 13.8% increase when compared with selling prices of this time last year. This is normal for this time of year, as soon as Spring sets in I am confident you will see more properties listed and people at the open homes.

    There have been reports that “Some properties are sitting around for several weeks with no offers, or below expectation offers which could be due to a ‘disconnect’ between buyer and seller expectations especially where the property requires some form of maintenance or upgrading.”

    Contributing factors to this could be the requirement of a 20% deposit; the four successive interest rate increases or the season.

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    Sounds like a South Auckland public announcement
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