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$50m housing boom for Tauranga

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  • $50m housing boom for Tauranga

    Fifty million dollars worth of new homes are set to be built in Tauranga after being given council approval over summer.
    Figures indicate there are no signs the spike in building consents will slow, according to council building administration team leader Helen Marshall.
    "The momentum is continuing, the numbers seem to be growing,'' she told the Bay of Plenty Times.
    The number of consents for new homes increased from 112 for the summer of 2010-11 to 159 for this summer - up 43 per cent.
    The total value of all building consents issued in Tauranga this summer, including commercial and additions, was $88.6 million - up a third on the same period last year and 27 per cent up on 2010-11.
    The lift in building has been accompanied by an increase in the number of sections being sold, with Tauranga Chamber of Commerce chief executive Max Mason saying it was one of a number of positive indicators generating business optimism in the Western Bay.

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    Here is the artical from Priorty 1 here

    Building Consents – February 2013

    Total value was $35.1m, well up on last month’s $25.6m and slightly ahead of the $31.1m recorded in February 2012. The high over the last two years (in fact since 2007) was $47.7m recorded in August 2012, with the low of $16.1m recorded in December 2011. Values have been fluctuating somewhat, month on month, with highs around $30-47m range and lows of $16-20m.
    Total number of consents was 122, up on last month’s 119 but less than the 150 recorded in February a year ago. The high for the last two years was 182 recorded in June 2011 while the low was 99 recorded in December 2011.


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      So is this good or bad for Tauranga?

      Considering the market there has been stagnant for many years, more housing can only mean more flatness?


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        I'm amazed there is so many new houses in Tauranga! I wouldn't have thought the population would be growing hugely, but maybe I'm wrong. It would be interesting to look at Tauranga population figures for the last few years and estimates for the future.

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          Quick look at the QV figures tells me that Tauranga already has too many houses. Need to build those suckers in Auckland


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            50 new houses in Auckland or would that be 25 after council fees?
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              Think Tauranga Consent fees were the highest in the Country they did drop them a bit. http://www.bayofplentytimes.co.nz/ne...ashed/1282341/

              "He welcomed the reductions as a move in the right direction, recalling how in 1996 council fees for a house totalled $4500, including consenting costs.

              Mr Cooney said fees had increased dramatically from then, reaching up to $20,000 for a subdivision fee and $19,000 to $20,000 for a building consent, including the building impact fee. It meant fees sometimes accounted for around 10 per cent of a total house and land package.

              The council's decision means the cost of building a home in Welcome Bay will drop by nearly $8200 - 34 per cent less than the current total development fee of nearly $23,900."

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                Originally posted by PC View Post
                50 new houses in Auckland or would that be 25 after council fees?
                Laughed out loud reading that one, very good.

                I wonder if Auckland will ever drop their fees. Probably only if ordered to by the government I imagine.
                Squadly dinky do!