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  • With Sadness ....

    I regret to advise that BARBARA, the wife of our long-standing forumite and Moderator Perry Spiller, died suddenly on 25th November 2009.

    For those of you who have had the privilege of meeting this wonderful, generous woman and would like to attend services for Barbara, a cultural farewell will be held -

    Te Aranga Marae
    18 Boston Cresent

    Viewing from 2pm Saturday until anytime Sunday.

    A Funeral service will be held @ 10a.m. Monday 30th November 2009

    Equippers Church (Ex Apostolic Church)
    Cnr Ikanui & Hapuka Streets

    Notices will be out today and tomorrow in Hawkes Bay papers. Please check these details.

    Perry is obviously not coping well, so any familiar faces from PT would probably be well received.

    From very sad Moderators.
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    This is very sad news indeed. What a shock. I offer my condolences and sympathy to Perry and family. - Peter Aranyi
    Peter Aranyi
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      Marc and I are going to see Perry and pay our respects on Sunday. Perry is invaluable to the PropertyTalk.com community both in the public forums, as part of the moderators team and his assistance with other initiatives like the Wiki and most recently PropertyBlogs.


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        My condolences.

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          Best wishes and condolences

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            Condolences Perry, terribly sad news.


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              Condolences from me too Perry. I wish you all the best from hereon.

              David Blake
              Squadly dinky do!


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                I'm so sorry for your loss Perry.

                Deepest Condolences,
                Dave Smyth
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                  Deepest sympathy to you Perry, and your family. We are so sorry for your loss.

                  Niall and Jen


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                    My condolences too Perry. Hope you find a little comfort in knowing that PTers are thinking of you and your family at this very sad time.



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                      My condolences to you, Perry.


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                        Dear Perry

                        I never met your wife however I have come to know, respect and like you based upon the discussions we have had here on property talk.

                        I could only imagine that she was an intelligent, kind, generous and gentle soul because she commanded your love and respect.

                        I am deeply sorry to hear about your loss and hope that you can find comfort in this very difficult time, knowing that you have touched the hearts and minds of thousands of people here on PT, who now send you their love and support in this saddest of hours.


                        Terry, Rebecca Alex and Bailey


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                          Terribly sad news.
                          Thinking of you and your family.


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                            Condolences Perry, Sorry for your loss.
                            it is not easy to lose loved one, be strong.
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                              I'm Grateful

                              My thanks to you all for the words of support.
                              I'm managing, but only sporadically. And not
                              very well, even then. The flame in my life has
                              been rudely snuffed out.

                              The holes in my head behind my eyes hurt
                              from crying and tiredness. Today on the
                              Marae was rather a fluid and dynamic process.
                              As others arrived, the repeated welcomes
                              initially rekindled grief-stricken bouts.
                              But they lessened as the day wore on.

                              Son, daughter & mokopuna are with me.

                              I'm told that tomorrow will include a story-
                              telling session, where people tell others
                              about events of their lives that relate to
                              personal interaction with Barbara. These
                              can be lengthy, I'm told, but people come
                              and go as they are wont.

                              One thing struck me (hard) in the early part
                              of the day. One that almost makes me wonder
                              at myself. (I'm far too practical to have such
                              silly notions) It just seems so corny, but
                              I had the background sense that I had been
                              lucky enough to have Barbara lent to me for
                              45 years. Now she was being returned / taken
                              back, in a voluntary surrender sense. And
                              all done in a sense of overwhelming, almost
                              enveloping aroha / love and acceptance by
                              her tribe / whanau, for the borrower.

                              Just how big can an Adam's apple get?
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