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Hello Wellington! ....Catch-up Wed 13th Aug

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  • Hello Wellington! ....Catch-up Wed 13th Aug

    Hey Dudes

    I have been having the 'hate' part of the 'love-hate' relationship with property but I'm back as have been working with Sheryl from Property 360. She is awesome - she is not only one of Wellington's best brokers, she is donkey deep in both trading and buy & holds, and a great mentor :-) She has revitalised a somewhat stagnant Snookie and Grandma!

    Anyhoo - how about another get together. Say breakfast at Katipo Cafe on Friday the 13th August (the day before Grandma's birthday)? Is that enough time Essence?

    WHERE: Katipo Cafe
    WHEN: Wednesday 13th August from 9am
    WHO: All of you in Wellington that day
    WHY: Catch up and have some fun
    WHAT: ever...

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    Oh no you didn't!!!!

    I started reading this and got all excited - and then dang!!! I'm away ON THE 15TH AUGUST!!!.

    I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for another PT get together but thought I'd liaise with you after 15th!.

    Oh well.
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    Patience is a virtue.


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      I should be close by, count me in.


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        Cool Roseneath!

        When are you here then essence? There is time to change this...


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          Only days not available are 14/15/16th August! & 30th July.

          If it doesn't suit everyone else, you and I can catch up for coffees another time.
          Patience is a virtue.


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            13th August it is :-)

            Can you still make it Roseneath?


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              Count me in

              Looks that my diary is free for Wednesday 13th. Look forward to seeing you all again


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                Sure thing... still good for me.


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                  I'm there!

                  Hi Snooks

                  Thank you for changing the date. Yes, I can make 13th August, same venue etc?? Looking forward to it.
                  Patience is a virtue.


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                    I am in too!

                    Snookie, i told you Sheryl is great! Look forward to catching up.



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                      Shame, I'll miss it by only a few days.

                      Though, because I’m so shy, I would probably have had nothing to say anyway.
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                      Erewhon is still erehwon, I don’t see it changing anytime soon.



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                        count me in too! [breakfast is good, mmmm coffee...]


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                          Street address & nearest parking for Katipo please!!??
                          Patience is a virtue.


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                            Wellington Breakfast

                            Won't be able to make it - wrong day! Driving back from Rotorua - again!

                            "I not only use all the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow." Woodrow Wilson


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                              Awesome :-)

                              Best place for parking is the one on Boulcott Street that is over Willis Street New World.

                              See you there - Katipo Cafe - 9am.

                              I can tell you all about the house I just bought - never been a better time to buy people (for those of us who have only been through half a cycle of course)...