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Franklin district rural rental - still vacant

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  • Franklin district rural rental - still vacant

    Hi folks, our Franklin region rental is being marketed by an Agency, and is still vacant after a substantial period of notice from the departing tenant.

    We are told its a strange time in the rental market, with lots of people making appointments but not showing. The agent feels WINZ or Housing NZ has told Clients to find private rentals so they are getting enquiries but nothing coming through...

    Neighbours who wanted a shorter lease term (which isn't really ideal but hey better than nothing at all) say they are leaving messages but not hearing back.

    Is anyone else in the (old) greater franklin district experiencing similar issues, at least with lots of enquiries but no one showing for appointments?

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    I'm Central Auckland but finding the same thing. I rent out my own properties but have noticed an increase of no shows. I always ask them now to let me know if something comes up and they can't make it, that seems to work. Also, have had to drop the rent on properties, to what they were around 3 years ago, and still very little inquiries. Is a strange time indeed!


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      Might it be a matter of too many, too comfortable, in too many tax-payer-subsidised motels?

      Perhaps they have to show that they answered / attended rental home vacancy availability options as a condition of keeping their cheap motel room?

      I know - first-hand - even the toilet paper is supplied, there.


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        Had a chat with the PM yesterday. We now have an approved tenant signing up, same rental income as the previous tenant which we are happy with however $60 per week under what the property was initially marketed at by the Agency.

        Pm said they had a few first time renters express an interest, a couple of enquiries from undesirables, a very young couple with a baby who they were debating over, and of course the no show'ers. By the sounds of it, not the calibre of people they thought might be coming through.


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          Sea views?

          Homeowners set to pocket $1500 a night as holiday rental demand soars