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clean vs clean - recommendation please

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  • clean vs clean - recommendation please

    After some years cleaning our several flats before a re-let, I'm happy to pay someone to do the bulk of that task for me!

    But don't know anyone and any recommendations for Wellington would really help please!

    Parameters are:
    Most important - I have new houses and offer above-and-beyond clean & maintained. Would like cleaners to do the same. Tenants have always left property pretty good so no majors there.
    OK with a cost that fits level of clean I need - quality before cost. To be clear, I would myself be doing skirting boards, walls, bathroom ceiling, fan covers, window frames, rangehoods. Not just vaccuum and dust.
    This is not really clicking a list of menu options (oven, vacuum, interior windows) but leaving it like it was a top end air-bnb or hotel all over. Which is what I have done for years and its worked so well for me! Repeat business over several houses if it works.

    Anyway, rant over - does anyone have any recommendations in the Wellington area?

    Thanks all,