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$150 a week increase then a few weeks later given 90 days to leave

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  • $150 a week increase then a few weeks later given 90 days to leave

    There are definitely LLs out there with zero scruples...

    See the Stuff article - tenant had their rent increased by $150 a week - definitely well over the top - and then once that's in place gave her 90 days to vacate for 'renovations'.

    Reading between the lines - the high increase was to get her out of her own accord - it didn't work so hence the 90 days termination.

    I wonder if in these situations it would be worth it for the tenant to go to TT and get the rent increase back?


    This time last year, Nikki Prier was looking for a new house. Now, she and her son are once again in the rental dog box. "Obviously, they didn't want a tenant with a pet."
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    I would think there’s a lot more to it than just the dog.
    The current landlord took her and her son in after reading about her situation in the press.
    A person doesn’t do that then try to get them to leave a few weeks later unless there’s a very good reason.