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Cost of tree removal

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  • Cost of tree removal

    Hello, overseas owner here. My property manager has just sent me a quote for removal of a fallen down wattle tree in our property in Massey, and it is $2200. Is this within the reasonable range that people would pay for that sort of thing? It seems extremely expensive to me, but I have not lived in Auckland for a few years now.

    The quote is from a company called treesafe, who seem to have a reasonable presence. I suggested getting another quote, and the PM has said they would not come out better for me.

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    Hi, the cost of an arborist job is about that range if it is tree removal. The cost also might includes traffic control as well.


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      How big was the tree? Does it include stump grinding and removal of large trunks? If you leave the wood and give away the wood as firewood if you can burnwattle it might be cheaper and poison the stump it might be cheaper,

      I just had a couple of medium trees removed, and a few shrubs trimmed and they left the stumps and it was $1400 in Christchurch and took about 4 hours for 3 people and a large mulching truck.

      Property manager adds on a margin too I suppose.


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        Cheers guys, seems like I may have been over-reacting. I was toying with the idea of ringing around a few companies myself, but might just leave it in this case.