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Covid-19 Vaccine & Eligibility For Residential Rentals

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  • Covid-19 Vaccine & Eligibility For Residential Rentals

    To say there is much going on at the moment would be an understatement.

    "Interesting times," just doesn't do it justice.

    How will residential LLs get on with all this? (See screenshots, below) If used as part of selection criteria for tenants, comrade commissars Cindy & FarGoneBoy could just rush legislation through parliament. But if there is any consistency? [hint: the gummint does not know what that word means] Could that mandate an every-six-months check of property circumstances as well as the current validity of tenants' vaccine certificates?

    All this is going to run the privacy commissioner quite ragged, I suspect. What follows is a round-up of related items.

    Despite comrade commissar Cindy saying that vaccination status would not be a factor in getting access to government services . . .

    . . . . I have a [recent] ex-tenant who told me he was obliged to have the fizzer GMO-pseudo-vaccine in order to get in to emergency housing.
    So as it seems that's just another lie, can LLs cite that as a valid precedent / example when insisting on double-vaxxed tenants?

    Oh, dear, what now?

    First we had elimination - epic fail.
    Next we had containment - another epic fail.
    Then comrade commissar Hipkin's admission to both.
    Now we have what?

    And what is the gummint and NZ mudstream media presstitutes not telling us?

    Why was an indemnity needed?

    More to come . . .
    Last edited by Perry; 24-11-2021, 02:33 PM.
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    Nice post Perry.

    Yeah - interesting times indeed. Not sure why LLs would need to insist on the double jab but there's a loophole that will be exploited.


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      Not quite "hunt you down" wording, but a bit sobering, nonetheless.
      From a media briefing in parliament.

      I did not do well in biology, at school. However, I did make up for that with later studies in soil science, plant physiology and pathology, and entomology. One of the basic laws of biology and living things is called evolution. "Mutation" is just a fancy word for evolution, plus connotations.

      When I listened to the various pronouncements from the drone house, I wondered how NZ could be in the situation where we had the vacuous 'experts' giving scientifically deficient advice to mentally fatuous politicians who don't have the wit or ability to suggest: "that doesn't seem right." A living thing will always change / evolve / mutate. Those that don't become extinct.

      For those on here who see beyond the NZ mudstream gummint-paid-propagandists, to the developments and evolution of the virus in other parts of the world which indicate what's unavoidably going to come in NZ.

      Truly, who's kidding who?

      And what does all this mean for LLs, PMs and residential rental tenants?
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        What the hell does one make of this?

        Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield proposed 'rest of New Zealand move to Alert Level 1' in September.
        Want a great looking concrete swimming pool in Hawke's Bay? Designer Pools will do the job for you!


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          The passport is giving the smug suckers a false sense of security.
          A better solution would be rapid antigen testing.

          Who cares if you're jabbed or not.
          The vax is a dud - useless within a few months.
          The real question is: "are you sick?"

          A stupid QR code or ID chip doesn't answer that question at all and is going to result in more spread and deaths.
          The incompetence of the Labour Government is directly to blame - they will have even more blood on their hands.

          I won't be asking for private medical information from my tenants or PMs.
          In future - if the Nazi Government ever lets us buy them - I may require a negative rapid antigen test result from both of us before physical meetings.
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