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Can this cause a leak? Cracks in the window.(monolithic cladding)

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  • Can this cause a leak? Cracks in the window.(monolithic cladding)

    Are this dangerous? Can they cause leak to the house frame? I noticed that there are vertical cracks on the side of the windows and aluminum doors. There is a cavity on the house though. Like 20mm. Thanks.

    How do we repair cracks like this? Thanks.

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    I doubt these are allowing water ingress but it is a given that good maintenance is important, If you have a cavity then that is intended to provide a defense to a degree of ingress. You dont say when the house was built if it has a cavity this is likely after 2003 when treated timber framing was reintroduced as well. If so your framing has resilience to some water ingress and a limited dring capacity with the cavity as well.


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      House built late 2003. Specs said it a treated radiata pine with boron or equivalent. But you said before that it is not sure.
      I tried to paint that one with sureseal and a leftover elastomeric paint but it cracks like that after a time. Maybe put a Sikaflex MS Silicone then paint?


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        there should be a seal there under the paint already perhaps the crack is only the paint?? can you carefully dig in and see if there is any sealant behind the flange of the window/door


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          link of the picture

          On the figure tag as A, on the side of the window there is like a rubbery strip. is that the seal?
          On figure B, i actually removed it and painted it with an elastomeric paint. as you can see the width of the strip is no longer equal because i removed it.

          also, under the window, it also cracks. like when sunny the crack is wider and during cold times width becomes smaller.


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            it sounds like the seal is there but you need an expert to confirm?
            Under the window is intended to be left open to allow drainage if required


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              thank you john


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                Boron isn't rot treatment. It's insect repellent.

                I'd Sika those and paint. Not a serious concern.


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                  H1.2 is Boron based and there for decay resistance you confuse the low levels prior to 2003 left for borer.