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New Healthy Homes regulations - finding someone to certify

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  • New Healthy Homes regulations - finding someone to certify

    I'm trying to get my Auckland rental up to scratch with the new Healthy Homes regulations. I'm based overseas.

    Question: is it a good idea to get the certification (btw - is there an actual certificate they issue?) from a builder who also will do the repair work themselves?

    Or...should I try and find a company who do the checks etc, but don't offer building/repair services?

    Just wondering if it might be better to use someone like that (if they exist), because they won't be tempted be recommend unnecessary work.

    interested to see how others have handled this.

    thank you

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    Hi Swiss Tony,

    Have you seen the HH Compliance statement on Tenancy Services?

    I've dropped the link in below.

    Please see this - which is part of the non-profit NZ Green Building Council - seems to have the lot - inspection, installers, and a 'homefit' cert.


    Use the compliance statement tool to find out if you need to include the healthy homes compliance statement in your new or renewed tenancy agreement.
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      So far only a compliance certificate is needed, and apart from insulation the standards do not need to be met until 2024 if there is no change of tenancy. Plenty of owners do their own compliance certificate, and keep photos etc as evidence. Some property managers do require more than that.

      PS Next general election is 2023 and National has already indicated most of the HH standards will be reversed. I would expect they would become voluntary. Of course by then a lot of the upgrades will have been done and a chunk of the cost already paid by tenants.


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        Thanks for the link donna !

        And thanks for the reply artemis . Because I've got a PM looking after it theyre hounding me to get this sorted. It would be a risk to hold out and see if National reverse the laws. In the meantime, my tenants might move out, and I'd be breaking the law by not having things right, when I replace them I think even a tenancy renewal would be the same as new tenants coming in i.e they would both require the new standards.