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New changes to Residential Tenancies Act explained

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  • New changes to Residential Tenancies Act explained

    Hi All,

    Here's a summary of the new changes to the RTA - that all Landlords need to know - and if you're managing your rental properties you will need to know the Act and the changes in more detail.


    11 FEB 2021

    NewsHub has an easy-to-read overview of the coming amendments including:

    Evictions - you can no longer give 90 days to get rid of tenants. Specific reasons are required.

    Proof of 3 instances of antisocial behaviour within 90 days
    Rent 5 days late, for 5 times in 90 days

    the exception is - if the tenant has or threatened to cause exceptional damage to the property, or damage to a person, or use the property for illegal activity or they are 21 days behind in rent.

    Modifications - the tenant can do minor stuff like hang pictures, add safety gates etc. If change is minor and can be changed back at end of tenancy it can not be denied. Plus LL to allow fibre internet instaff if it does not compromise weatherproofness or breach body corp rules.

    Rents - properties must be listed with a price to prevent bidding wars. And major change is - the tenant can change their interests and responsibilities to someone else. Landlord needs to justify why the tenancy can not be in someone else's name!

    Documentation - Landlords must be on top of the paperwork and records. For example all receipts for work done and fees must be available for presentation to Gov't e.g. MBIE if required.

    Privacy - the tenant can apply to Tenancy Tribunal for name suppression to avoid being blacklisted

    And there is more to come in August 2021 - we will add them near the time.




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    Good to see the Unit Titles Act changes are finally close to becoming law.


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      Hi Bean Counter,

      Are you referring to the Unit Titles Amendment Bill?

      improve the information provided to prospective buyers of units, strengthen the governance arrangements in relation to a body corporate, increase the professionalism and standards of body corporate managers,
      The Unit Titles (Strengthening Body Corporate Governance and Other Matters) Amendment Bill (the Bill) is a member’s bill, which the Government is supporting.
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        Yes to give more protection for unit owners in terms of the body corporate eg proxy votes.It has taken years to get this far.The Bill was introduced when national were in power


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          Geez when we had our unit in Melbourne the BC allowed the proxy votes and that was many years ago.

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            Body corporates get lots of fees in so its important that all unit holders get a fair chance in decision making.This is more important now with so many new buildings and the problems that come from poor construction etc.


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              Seems that the UK has learned totally and absolutely nothing from the arrant stupidity of Comrade commissars Far Gone Boy, Dhil Twitford or Cindy.

              Press release
              New deal for private renters published today
              Fairer private rented sector white paper to ensure improvements to the rights and conditions for millions of renters.
              Yeah, right.

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