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Neighbour's Retaining Wall

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  • Neighbour's Retaining Wall

    Hi everyone,

    I live in Auckland. There is a house on either side of my long driveway that is solely for the use of the property. One of the neighbours has dug into his ground and made a retaining wall along our boundary line for extending his car parking area which is on the lower side. The length of retaining wall is 15 meters and the depth (height) is from 65cm to 10cm. There is no fence on top of the retaining wall. I am worried that the difference in height may be dangerous especially when I am driving through my driveway.

    The neighbour on the other side and I did not give consent for this retaining wall.

    My concerns are:

    1. If this retaining wall is over 50cm in height, would he have needed permission from council and the written approval from neighbour ?

    2. When making a retaining wall close to a property boundary, is there a distance it needs to be from the boundary line at least ?

    3. If he did not get permission from council, how can I report it to the city council ?

    Happy to hear thoughts or suggestions on this.

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    I'd say a quick call to your council will answer all these questions. Ask to speak to the duty planner.


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      Given the load from your driveway it should have been engineered and, I would think, council approval (and inspection).