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PM: advertising + tenant selection only?

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  • PM: advertising + tenant selection only?


    Newbie to this forum - appreciate the advice and knowledge shared by all.

    My question is: I have a property in Dunedin, and live in Auckland. I have family in Dunedin who can manage the property day-to-day but are uncomfortable advertising, vetting and choosing tenants. I completely understand as this is beyond their skillset and comfort levels.

    So I'd like to engage with professionals to do the tenant selection: will property management companies do this? (i.e. advertising and tenant selection but nothing more). It's not really clear on their websites, plus I'm not sure if they'd be happy about this and hence treat my business neglectfully, as an afterthought.

    If they do, what can I expect them to charge me for this service?


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    Hi Michitouk,

    Why not contact some and ask them? It may not be standard practice but there's no harm in asking. I suppose if there is any reluctance it may be around the responsibility - i.e. they won't want any risk associated with doing the tenant selection on your behalf.

    Why not just use a property management company to manage the property? Peace of mind and all that.


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      Ask a few. There are letting services.
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        What a hassle and chore for your family asking them. Do them a favour and get a professional if you can’t do it.


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          Originally posted by hawkeye View Post
          What a hassle and chore for your family asking them. Do them a favour and get a professional if you can’t do it.
          Understood - but my brother has indicated he doesn't mind (he's a handyman too so could do some of the maintenance himself). I mean, apart from the inspections, it's only really about being there for the tenants if there are any issues? Saves me 10% of the rent, and I can share those savings with him ;-)

          I'll follow the advice and call the agencies, see if they offer a find-a-tenant service separately. I was just hoping to get a gauge on the fees for this, and the forum members experience.