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    Where this over-compliance stance takes us is Landlords become over-cautious. Too little information sharing and you hurt the very people you’re trying to protect.

    Why would a Landlord risk renting their million dollar (or thereabouts) property to someone they can not properly assess?

    Why is it one rule for banks and lenders and another for landlords? Where’s the privacy concerns when it’s lenders seeking to know your every transaction and move etc?

    So a Landlord borrows from a bank and jumps through every hoop to get the loan for the house and then they are told they can’t be as thorough and if they get a bad tenant they’re stuck with them.


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      Donna time for a snap election and a return to normality under a new Govt.


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        Going by the guidelines, i don't imagine a property manager can even enter into small talk when the prospective tenant comes to look. That'd be risking asking them something that would upset the privacy commissioner.
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          Oh, dear!
          Time for Edwards to saddle up, ride down to the banks' credit departments and put them right.
          RIP first home buyers
          13 Nov 2021
          Originally posted by One Roof
          The CCCFA requires lenders to drill down into borrowers’ spending habits. “I saw an application declined because the (borrower) had a habit of having two flat whites a day. The bank’s assessor popped $200 a month into the servicing calculator and it created a fail,” says Royle.
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            It keeps getting worse for career-bureaucrat PC Edwards.
            20 Sep 2021
            Originally posted by YahooFinance
            Your credit score may soon depend on your web history
            In the not-too-distant future, your internet habits could help determine how much house you can buy and the rate on your next auto loan. Instead of focusing on whether you were late on one loan payment, your purchase and browsing history could tell banks you're trustworthy even if your traditional credit score has taken some dings.

            Credit scores are used in other ways, too, for better or worse. Even LLs may take a peek before accepting your application.
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              I have noticed that the tenant application form that my property manager is using has changed significantly.
              Many questions which were previously asked have now been omitted.
              It is frustrating to have little or insufficient information to make an informed tenant selection.
              Tenants who choose to provide additional information will put themselves ahead in the selection process.

              To be clear - I am a big fan of the Privacy Act in NZ. I work within the law and respect it immensely.
              My frustration lies with the Privacy Commission.


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                Edwards has only a loose idea what he's about, aside from collecting his pay. His first and subsequent attempts at shafting LLs, as detailed in this thread, give you a general notion of the acumen involved.
                Follow Keys suggestion: be lawful rather than [mis]guided.
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