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BC doesn't fix non-working ventilation in apartment

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  • BC doesn't fix non-working ventilation in apartment

    Hi all,

    I own an apartment (rented out now) in multi apartment building. Building is quite new (2009 y). Recently I decided to terminate contract with property managers and manage it myself. During the first inspection I found out that carpet near apartment window is covered with mold. On photos from the previous inspection in June carpet was ok. So I think I can ask tenants at the end of their fixed term to pay for carpet repair even though carpet is 9 y old?

    Here part 2 comes. Tenants said ventilation in apartment doesn't work as expected. At least electric fan(s). They informed building manager about this before and handyman came to check it but couldn't find the reason. I asked BM what's happened with ventilation. He confirmed something wrong with ventilation and it's not just in my apartment but in all apartments on 2 levels in this building. Also he wrote that he would send me update. I haven't heard about ventilation repair progress since then (2 weeks ago).

    1. What's a proper way to communicate with body corporate representatives. Should I now post them written complaint and ask how and when they are going to fix it. I used email before.
    If body corporate will not fix it in reasonable time where to send complaint next?

    2. If ventilation in apartment doesn't work properly do you think it's ok to ask tenants for carpet repair or it's on me now? I think even if electric fans don't work air should circulate somehow. Tenants still have to open windows during day time and don't let carpet near window to become so wet.


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    What sort of fans are you talking about? If the fans are part of the apartment then they may
    not be a bc concern?


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      You’re a member of the body corporate.
      If the common property (air condition/ventilation) needs repair it’s BC’s decision about steps and budget.

      If something under tenant’s control is defect; first step - the tenant is in charge to minimize any damage (e.g. ventilating by opening windows), and secondly the LL must be informed to take care for any steps of repair.


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        Useful info here. If writing to the BC Chair cite the disputes procedure (via Tenancy Tribunal). Should get some attention. It is expensive though. The previous government planned to reduce the fee significantly but no idea where that has disappeared to.


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          Presume like all good BCs your Body has a 10 yr plan ( little joke there) as required by the UTA which in turn should cover among other things, the budget for and maintenance of the specified systems covered by the building consent. if there is a central AC system this needs to be checked and signed off regularly. Have a read.
          The other thing is mould in carpets is more often than not associated with wall / roof leaks rather than ventilation issues, particularly if it's near or shows a pattern of being more pronounced by a wall. Suggest put a paper mask on and gloves, lift the corner of the carpet and look at the stain pattern on the underside and concrete. That will give you an idea of the nature of the problem.
          If the issue was ventilation alone I'd expect to see surface mould growth on walls, particularly south facing cold walls in rooms with little heating and water, but given the complex is relatively new . mmm
          The usual approach to check is a) run and NDT moisture meter over the walls in the area ( but not when everything is bone dry in mid summer - that will tell you if it's a leak issue or b) but a cheap LogTag temperature/ humidity data logger or similar and leave it in the impacted area. The results with a little analysis will tell you if there is a humidity/ ventilation. dewpoint problem.
          Thing is - if your apartment has an issue, the likelihood is that others do.
          Warning - Watch it if the builder gets involved to come back and "fix" the problem. Time and again we see builders / developers etc helping as they're obliged to, but they're "limping" the job ( doing patch and minimal work and or stalling) out to the 10 year period after which claims against them for what may be more substantial work are time barred.
          Paul at Incodo 0272800036


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            Thanks for all answers. After I raised ventilation issue on annual BC meeting they changed contractor and sped up with fixing. It turned out that my apartment (and 2 other) never had working ventilation - hole between outer ventilation tube and apartment tube which is used for 3 apartments was the size of matchbox. They disassembled tube connection and increased that hole. I checked with piece of paper - it looks like air flows ok now. I hope mould will not form during this winter. Bought a dehumidifier as a backup plan.