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  • Rental Inspection Photos/Video


    Is the tenant entitled to a copy of the photos/video the property manager took as part of a property inspection in which they I know they are giving to the owner?


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    If they include the tenants' contents (which they shouldn't) then I would say yes. If they don't include the tenants' contents (which is as it should be) then I would say no.

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      Any indication why such information was asked for?

      What would be the disadvantage?

      It would seem like a reasonable request and acceding would also appear to be a goodwill gesture.

      The tenants at least know/have a record of the situation at the tenancy commencement.

      It is likely permitted to get paid for any reasonable costs incurred in providing such copies.


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        The tenant has a right to privacy and maybe they want to make sure that there is nothing they think is "private' or personal in the photos being handed on?


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          Its a lot of distrust we have with owner via the rental agency
          When we moved in, we had 'fun' with the owner and rental agency with house painting.
          It was started a month before we moved in and under the impression it would be done by the time we moved in but wasnt.
          It was the cheapest cash job painter the owner could find the the guy was stripping the house back with a heat gun and scraper.
          4 Month of that BS before the owner finally got a professional in with 4 guys and done in 3 working days.
          Along with all a lot of other stuff the owner was doing on the cheap, we finally got the rental agency to read the riot act to the owner and now we finally have had peace and quiet for the last 2 month.


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            Pretty much what keys said if its got their property included in the photos then yes.....I don't see it an issue tbh if they request them....
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