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    I've been using Pocketrent.com for several years now. Was great - support when you asked and updates from time to time.
    Its worked really well but seems to have got into ghost-app territory. No updates (blog still talks about 2014 being the "new year") and cant get any reply to a small issue I have re rent records.
    But I'm thinking Ive got years of detail and payments and inspections now sitting somewhere that looks like it might evaporate tomorrow....

    What do others use given longevity of our investment is the game! am I being paranoid about cloud based apps here?
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    Have a look at this thread.
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      Thanks for the link.
      I see they charge 1% which sounds small but given its a calendar/payment schedule/contacts type tool seems a lot. say 200K rent = 2K software charge pa.
      But also its the cloud app thing is not sitting well after this experience. I went for local nz based company with a good functional cloud app. Loved it. And now they are ..i don't know ....gone... and all my records are sitting elsewhere. So i'm interested in a more solid record keeping approach. And it feels like paper and spreadsheets and then I'm thinking I'm like the Hubbards....