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Service Tenancy - Who has one?

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  • Service Tenancy - Who has one?

    Hi all,

    Do any of you have or manage a Service Tenancy? i.e Farmworker living in a Farmhouse as part of the job.

    Do you inspect yourself or ask a PM to come in and do it for you?
    If you ask a PM to do it for you, how do they charge? do they include a written report and organise maintenance and quotes? TIA

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    These two tribunal orders relate to Service Tenancy's: Applications 4071774 and 4051899. Hopefully you can avoid the problems that occurred in these by either finding a good property manager or learning the business yourself. If you are on farm and running a successful business you should have plenty of experience in organizing maintenance and contractors and getting things done. It is probably your obligations under the RTA and the documentation of inspections that a property manager will be most helpful with. You can see that adjudicators take a dim view of failure to provide smoke alarms or incorrectly ending a tenancy.

    If you want any further examples search the tribunal orders using a keyword such as "service tenancy" and selecting "award to tenant".
    This type of research is a good way to learn what not to do.


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      Thank you for that reply lighthouse! The tribunal orders certainly are a great tool!

      My question was aimed more to the effect of, are you a Landlord employing someone to inspect your properties and what would you consider a fair amount per inspection? You would receive a report from that but for example, if there was maintenance needed, would you co-ordinate quotes & times with tenants as well or charge separately?

      Even if you don't operate a Service Tenancy, i would love to hear your thoughts re the above anyway?


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        Hi SPR I have done property inspections for private landlords. I will PM you some details but I would expect that if you are out in the backblocks whoever is doing your inspections may charge you some sort of travel fee as well. Also, I am not aware of many property managers who would be prepared to do the inspections. If you need someone to arrange maintenance then you really should consider getting the tenancy managed.