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  • Property inspection form

    Hi fellow PT-ers,

    I was conducting an inspection on one of my properties last night, all went well and it came time for my tenant to tick and sign the inspection form, he was surprised at being given a form to tick and sign and said it was the first time he has come across this as a tenant. I rent the apartment I currently live in and to think of it I've never ticked a 'condition acceptable' column or signed anything after an inspection has been done here either.

    What property inspection forms do you guys use? Mine is a 'Property Inspection Report' taken from part of the DBH RTA but I assumed could be used for ongoing inspections too.

    Suggestions welcome, thanks guys

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    You can use that form, but personally I think it is highly deficient. I have created my own.

    Given the changes in the residential renting environment of the last few years, it is now quite common for the landlord and the tenant to both sign the inspection form as 'a true and accurate record'.

    For instance, insurance companies now want to see written proof of regular inspections if there is a claim on the property.


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      Thanks for the response Flyernzl. I will keep using the one I have that requires the tenant sign also