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Fixed term residential Tenancy

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  • Fixed term residential Tenancy

    My property manager has renewed a lease on a property before expiry for a fixed term without discussing any of my wishes as to preferred lease term , rental etc.
    As well as poor management it looks like I am stuck with this arrangement, as tenant does not want to move? I think the notice period to an owner moving back to his home only applies to periodic tenancies?

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    What does your contract say about tenancy terms? As for moving back in? You will have to wait.
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      If it was a periodic tenancy before, you'd have a serious gripe. If it was fixed before, it's a gripe, but not as much. The PM might just be seen as being proactive, assuming you were happy with the previous conditions.


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        Hmmm..it seems there must be a spate of not particularly proficient in their jobs property managers....mine just told me last week my tenant is shifting out at the end of the June (the 12 month fixed term was up in March 2013 and I said I wanted stability till August, they replied then that the tenant has agreed to fixed term till end of July).
        So naturally I queried this moving out at end of June, was then told it was a periodic agreement, I found her previous email about fixed till end of July and forwarded to her with a "so what did this actually mean" to which she replied, "oh, it was never signed"....
        Go figure....good lesson for first time landlord though, get all the paperwork forwarded through to me in the future....(and get a new pm)


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          There might be other ways around this situation. Can you applying to the courts for termination of lease for financial hardship and re-possession of the property?