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Tribunal orders are on line

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  • Originally posted by BigWal View Post
    Thanks Glenn. I just got lucky - I like to practice researching prospective tenants. On a different note ...

    Are you able to tell me how you found this out? In particular, for a specific date, and for a specific location?

    Now they've moved to the 'single reference number' system it's a lot harder to find a bunch of successive decisions (which I think is why they changed it, but maybe I'm just being cynical)
    Hi BigWal
    Like I mentioned this discussion should be moved to its own thread.
    That is beyond my IT skills but one of the forum people might be able to do that for us.
    What you do is put a wild card (*) into the street address and under city type in the city of interest. Say Christchurch.
    Up pops the complete list of Christchurch listings.
    There is something else matching at the same time and it is those matches that make be suspicious that I might be able to refine the search process.
    For instance when I put in Nelson it also comes up with some Auckland cases for "Nelson Street".
    For those of us who know a little bit about Auckland it is no surprise there are some Nelson Street cases.
    So the list starts at the most recently loaded cases and goes on for lots of pages. Again if I was bit smarter I would figure out how to get a bit more out of that raw data.
    Again a great subject for thread. Perhaps a closed thread in order to avoid the wrong people reading it.
    Hint Hint.
    I too have done what I suspect you have been doing. Pop in one local number and using the browse forward and backward arrows progressively work your way right through all the cases in your own local court. I had great ideas of writing to all landlords in our local court and offering them my services. I did that with a trial batch but like many good ideas it failed to fly and I found picking the dirt out of my nose too much of a bore.
    Now that I am free with just my small portfolio to look after such ventures are for others to take up and explore.


    • Originally posted by Glenn View Post
      What you do is put a wild card (*) into the street address and under city type in the city of interest. Say Christchurch.
      Outstanding tip Glenn! Thanks! My method was a lot more labour intensive.


      • Tenancy Tribunal search has changed?

        I was searching for a specific order against one of my former tenants on the order search on moj website. What I found was very interesting! the whole search engine has changed. I have taken 6 tenants through tribunal in the past 3 years so that totals 6 orders which I have checked originally and were all made public. Now when I search for those orders again they are all gone besides two orders which are still up!

        Is this the end of landlords who manage privately being able to check if a tenant had been to tribunal? Because clearly running a search no longer delivers the correct and accurate results that it once did.


        • There is a cut-off date for those Orders to remain visible. Do you know what that date is?
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          • Ok Always keep digital copies then. Websites can change.