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APIA Webinar - Friday 6th October

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  • APIA Webinar - Friday 6th October

    If you are an APIA member you can participate in the Webinar I am presenting tomorrow, Friday, 12.30 - 1pm.

    "1-hour webinar starting from 12.30pm
    Presentation by Peter Lewis

    My Buying Rules interviews long-time investor and APIA Vice President, Peter Lewis.
    Peter has been an investor since the 90s. Since his retirement, he has been a full-time landlord looking after his tenancies and actively engaged in landlord advocacy work through the NZPIF and the APIA. Despite the tight market, Peter is right in a middle of his latest acquisition phase by adding to his portfolio regularly in the last two years.
    At this interview, we will be deconstructing Peter's buying strategy, how he finds and evaluate good property deals, and whats in store for him in the next five years."
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    APIA is mainly for residential investors ?
    Or is it useful for commercial property investors too?


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      PIAs aim to appeal to both residential and commercial investors.
      However, the majority of members tend to be in the residential area.

      APIA has some members with a mix of both and some who are only into commercial.

      There is currently an interest in setting up a commercial group with APIA, and we would welcome anyone who can support that.

      A lot of the meetings cover both aspects of the market.


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        I'd say it'd be of interest to many at the moment.
        Squadly dinky do!


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          Was it recorded?
          My blog. From personal experience.