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APIA: Rent On Time, 26/5/10

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  • APIA: Rent On Time, 26/5/10

    APIA Central Group

    Now Is The Time For 'Rent-On-Time'

    'Rent on Time Ltd' is a company in the market place that is revolutionising the way property investors and managers handle tenant payments and arrears. Rent On time is a rent payment solution for both residential and commercial tenants, landlords, and property managers for managing rental payments online.

    Roger Wang of Rent On Time Ltd will demonstrate the services his company provides and how these are changing the way property owners manage their tenancies. Rent On Time allows you to collect payments from your tenant by accepting credit cards, this means you can reduce delinquencies, time management and protect your bottom line.

    How may times have you been told by a defaulting tenant that the outstanding rent will be paid by Monday week? With 'Rent on Time', outstanding rent or tenancy costs can be paid immediately, online or over the phone just as they would with any other service provider. Tenants have the option of making a one off credit card payment or setting up a recurring payment schedule.
    Other benefits are that time associated with new tenancies can be minimised by collecting the first rent in advance and bond payment by credit card. Tenancy payments such as water rates or repairs for damage can be made via credit card!

    The significant benefit for Landlords & Property Managers is that this service is absolutely free. Online access or a telephone call is all that is required, there are no contracts and no set-up or monthly fees.
    Rent on Time will deliver a 'real' advantage to you the investor, by reducing tenant management and default costs and at the same time lifting your bottom line? Would this be a great outcome?

    Roger Wang is also the managing director of Flo2Cash Ltd which is a leading provider of payment processing services and solutions in New Zealand.

    Plenty of time will be available for Question and Answers.
    We encourage you to book early for this event.

    Next Meeting: Wednesday 26th May

    Venue: Lynfield Room, Fickling Convention Centre, 546 Mt Albert Road, Three Kings

    Time: 7pm arrival for 7.30 start

    Cost: $5 per person (members), $15 per person (non members)
    Registering is essential if you wish to attend: [email protected]

    Convener: Kathy Engelbrecht, Barry Bridgman

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    This sounds like a great solution short term for clawing back missed rent.

    But I would be concerned about my tenant's money management skills and credit position if they were always relying on a credit to pay rent.

    I wish I was in Auckland next week to listen to the seminar. It sounds like a very useful tool for a landlord to have in his toolbox. I hope we get a full report from those who attend.



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      I'm looking forward to seeing you all at the meeting tonight. Refreshments will be served after the presentation.