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A Ride to Dean's Trading Workshop?

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  • A Ride to Dean's Trading Workshop?

    Hi guys, I wonder if anyone could give me a ride from central Auckland out to Elleslie for Dean's Trading Workshop on Saturday?

    Maybe PM me.


    PS. You may notice that I'm not a 'closet-investor' any more!
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    Mary Jaksch, Nelson

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    Likewise, I could also use a ride...

    I live in Whenuapai but I can get a ride to meet someone along the North Western motorway (say, near Lincoln Road or Te Atatu interchange). If you can help, please send me a PM. Otherwise, hubby will be up for a drive!!

    (I'm unable to drive myself as my leg is currently being restrained by a cast.... )

    (Mary - hope you don't mind me tagging along on your thread...!)
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      How the heck will you get 2 giraffes in one vehicle. Especially as one keeps falling over and the other disappears. You might need a big sunroof.
      [email protected]


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        A Ride to Dean's Trading Workshop

        I live in Te Atatu Nth, and can give both of you a lift to Dean's advanced Trading Day Workshop. Bizzy Lizzy since you are in a cast, I don't mind picking you up returning you home. If that is suitable, I can be contacted on 8348681 or 02102312851.
        See ya
        I stink therefore I am!


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          you da man Laini!!


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            Can I make a suggestion - rather than post your contact details in the forum - get people to private mesage you. Here is a link on how to send a private message

            So its a good idea to edit your posts to remove your phone numbers and replace with 'send me a pm for my contact details'.

            Have fun.

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              I thought that was a Dog in a Giraffe mask, just take the mask off, that takes care of some room. The one that is vertically challenged ofcourse
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                If anyone needs a ride from the Waikato area PM me. I'll be driving up early on sat morning.
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                  I have arranged to pick up Mary. The giraffe and the cat can sit in the back seat, I have hired a very tall car.
                  Whatever it takes ...


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                    Thanks Fobby - will give you a call. I have noted your numbers so you may want to remove them from your post (by clicking on the edit button).

                    By the way - welcome to the forum!!

                    Originally posted by Monkeyboy
                    How the heck will you get 2 giraffes in one vehicle. Especially as one keeps falling over and the other disappears. You might need a big sunroof.
                    Ahhh... there's alway ONE funny one!! With my broken leg you think that I would be the giraffe that keeps falling down!
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                      Hi lisa, I was wondering why you always seemed to disappear.
                      [email protected]


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                        I just get a bit shy at times!