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Housing intensification, and the death of character areas.

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  • Housing intensification, and the death of character areas.

    Man does not live on bread alone.

    Well that's what one wise teacher tried to tell my stupid little schoolboy ears - a long long time ago.

    Being all go and little thought, at the time, it seemed like a daft thing to say.
    Of course there was more, there were meat pies and fruit pies and chips.

    The ACC must be similar to me as that ignorant schoolboy.

    They have no appreciation for the value of the soul of a place.
    The warm feeling of continuity as a person looks down at an old footpath and knows early settler's feet fell in the same spot.
    The beauty of freshly painted Victorian villas, all housing creative people who too have a developed soul .

    But what manner of creature are these soulless council things?
    Those grey little beings that shuffle in out out of their grey little meetings.
    What manner of creature?
    That they would not have the sensibility and capacity to notice the beauty of a sunset on a weatherboard wall, or the twisting shadow of a 200 year old tree?

    Machines, stupid automatic machines, it's the only possible answer.
    Missing a full education,
    souls crushed as children, never developed.

    Weep for them,
    weep for our city streets,
    weep for our grandchildren,
    and all those who come after us - and think us fools.

    Well, you get the idea, maybe tone down the drama a notch.

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    Love it McDuck - well said I say.

    We had a tree nazi over to our house yesterday - tried to convince us we should cut down our 80+ year old pohutakawa - when all it needed was topping and a good prune away from the house.

    Good thing it was going to cost a lot more to cut down so we weren't really tempted - even if what we have left is a few tree trunks and years to wait before we see any greenery and the wonderful red flowers!

    We can wait - we have the time.


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