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Subdividing the MDU from the House (Mixed Housing Suburban)

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  • Subdividing the MDU from the House (Mixed Housing Suburban)

    Likely to sell a site with house and a minor dwelling on it this year.
    860m2 site in Mixed Housing Suburban with a 5 years old Keith Hay Homes MDU on it.

    I know market has gone a bit soft.
    But I think could achieve a lot higher value if sold individually.

    Does anyone know much about subdividing off MDU's under current legislation ?

    Is it do able ?

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    It's a timely question BlueKiwi. So you have a family home and an MDU on 860m2. Are the services separate? e.g. separate electricity, water, waste etc? Does the MDU have its own street address/letterbox? I'm keen to see how you proceed as I am sure others are too. The new law that allows 3 dwellings up to 3 floors must have a few folk thinking subdivision - build and sell. We're keen to do it - and we can likely build up a 100m2 2-bed standalone property over 2 floors.


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