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Bank wants income,asset,wealth source info. Bank call back loan?IRD define as dealer?

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    You have nothing to worry about, unless you are money washing.
    Or the money came from China in an illegal way.

    The Bank is only interested in following the new harsh government laws on money washing.

    They only found you by accident when they were checking another thing.
    That other thing was how Corvid was going to affect their income from loans.


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      Originally posted by MelodyShi View Post

      Yes, yesterday the bank texted my mobile to remind me to fill in the forms and send back.
      Just do it.
      how long will it take you ?
      Five minutes ?
      Ten minutes ?


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        Quite a few replies to your discussion - have you followed any of the recommendations MelodyShi?

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          The hard truth is, every situation is unique and no expert will be able to tell you what the particular bank or IRD employee is thinking or what they internal targets are. So you just have to give them what you want and hope for the best Banks in NZ are generally not as mercenary as some overseas, so they dont call in their loans unless there is a real major issue.
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            yes the loan can be adjusted you just have to meet the criteria of your bank and submit your bank details.
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