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Relocated home and Healthy Homes rules

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  • Relocated home and Healthy Homes rules

    Earlier this year we bought a property that has a relocated bungalow built approx. 65 years ago and moved on 20 years ago to the Waikato and with what we think are two additions to the back.

    We have just topped up the existing ceiling insulation with new and the previous owner has mostly installed underfloor insulation (R value unknown). One of the additions appears to have wall insulation, rating unknown.

    The house has two heat pumps, one above the front door and the other in an open rear area including kitchen, family and dining spaces which our PM says would be classed as the main living area. When using the calculations for the healthy home rating, if I do not include the hallway heat pump (there are double doors that can be closed between the rear space and the hallway) the existing heat pump of 4kW isn't large enough (gets really hot in there though). If I add in the hallway, assuming the internal double doors to the main rear space are open, then there is enough with both heat pumps.

    The house is fully curtained with new floor-length lined curtaining, carpets and a double layer of flooring material in the meal/kitchen area (cork underneath new laminate flooring) which along with the curtaining, doesn't figure in the calculations.

    My question being, should I be using another calculator that takes into account curtains and the like, and if I include both heat pumps with open hallway doors, if we ended up in a disgruntled situation with a tenant, would they be in their rights to say my calculations under the HH act are wrong with the internal doors closed?

    It's almost tempting to take those doors out, but I do think they serve a purpose even just for noise quietening use. thank you.

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    The Govt calc has been proven to be inadequate and many heatpump installers have complained about the incorrect results it gives.
    It has come from incompetent beaurocrats thinking they can come up with a one size fits all solution.

    In my opinion you have a couple of options:
    • continue looking for a decent calc.
    • have a heatpump person come to the house to make an on site assessment. be sure to get it in writing and keep it as a validation record as proof that the govt calc is incompetent, should you ever have a troublesome tenant.
    • run a experiment yourself, noting all inside and outside temps, which doors are open and which closed, the likely preferred open state of each door/ curtains on a cold day, etc.

    The regulation is that a property must be able to attain and maintain 18deg, not that it must meet the conditions set by an incompetent calc.
    If you can show records that prove 18deg maintainability, then there can be no arguement.


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      Thanks Keithw. What I ended up doing was allowing a R1.5 for the underfloor insulation and this calculation allows for more flexibility than that, so I could have added more for the double thickness floor coverings, but didn't. yet.

      Choice (I think it was) has a R2.5 rating for full length lined curtains, however the calculation for windows only allows up to R1.5 and you cannot enter any more and we were at R0.25 for double glazing already. So I went full R1.5 for all windows. Went down to glass measurements rather than the full width and height of timber frames.

      From that, we then were calculated at 5.2 heating requirements and the Hitachi hp in that area has two different kW ratings for heating, so we stuck with the main one being 4 so I bought a 1500 kW Gold Air wall mounted device with thermostat for $269, which only one wall can host in that area.

      However its up to the tenant to use it or not, personally I wouldn't as the heat pump does enough as well as floor coverings and curtains. Mind you, the formal lounge out the front has nothing apart from the doorway to the hall heat pump and I have installed a wall mounted panel heater in the 2 smaller bedrooms regardless.

      In conclusion, this house had 3 children + 2 - 3 adults living in it before the heat pumps were installed by the previous owner/grandmother. The govt didn't give a shite about the kids living in these conditions with seriously leaking windows to boot when it was a privately owned...

      It's late in the day and I'm feeling cynical, but I will just say with our experience with this house incld. Meth testing and treating from the mother's addiction, nothing about this has been about the children living there and about a healthy home while they were in residence.