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Should Landlords be offended?

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  • Should Landlords be offended?

    Hi Everyone,

    Here's a bit of tongue in cheek content from Stuff

    The Mould Awards - (not real, but if they were there is plenty of competition this year apparently).

    From the article.....

    Petra Quadlavic, who owns a 4-bedroom, 9-tenant flat in Berhampore, came up with a novel way to turn a kitchen into a bedroom, with the oven providing extra heating, and some clever plumbing allowing the sink to double as a shower and bidet. She also took home a Sustainable Mould.

    Jenny PT
    OPINION: It was a rollicking night out at the rental property industry’s annual excellence awards.

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    Would tenants be offended if we handed out Laziest Pig Pen Awards?
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      Perhaps mushroom-farming tenants should be even more offended?
      If they're breathing, they're exuding respiratory water to feed mould spores.
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