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Selling a property at auction, buyers wants to do Meth testing

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  • Selling a property at auction, buyers wants to do Meth testing


    We are selling our rental property in a good part of Christchurch at auction, and one of the buyers wants to do meth testing for the house (At their cost) as advised by their lawyer apparently.

    I think it's highly unlikely that any of the tenants would be smoking methamphetamines, but just wondering is it worth the risk to allow the buyer to bring in a tester to test the property.

    I'm not sure what to do, there is heaps of interest in the property and it is just one buyer that has asked. Just wondering what people's opinions or experience is?


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    If it does have meth do you seriously want to risk a family or other tenants being exposed? Just say yes and ask for a copy of the test so you can use it to show other people if it is negative. If it comes back positive then you need to sort it out.


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      Are you seriously asking this when the possible prospective buyers are offering to pay for this to be done? I can't understand your hesitation. You won't know unless it is tested and if all good then that's a powerful point in your favour when selling.
      And as an aside, no matter the area you are selling, whether upmarket or not, it does not necessarily mean they are law-abiding citizens as has been proven in times before.
      Go for it.


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        I'd say your hesitation is unwarranted. There was a time when - yes, you'd be right to be living in fear of a meth test, but thankfully with more knowledge and a higher threshold, you can relax - a little.



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