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  • Duval

    10% fixed return. Wholesale investors only.

    I've seen this before. Pyramid schemes dressed up as property "investing". They all go belly up, and you have no protection because if you have that much money to risk, you are supposed to be smart enough to recognise a scam when it flashes red flag after red flag. If you actually believe that they can provide a 10% return to you, while also making a profit for themselves, I must ask you: how do you suppose they are able to do that legitimately? Show me the math.

    I see they also have competition now from Williams.

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    Interesting that nobody has anything to say about these con artists flooding ads on Facebook and no doubt sucking in thousands of investors, many who are probably in this forum


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      I did actual talk to one of their salesmen and continue to get email bombed ... in his words unless you invested 500k+ one would get lower 7.5% return PA ... I did ask the Question how can you offer 10% return pa ....his reply Buying power >> massive developments etc ... why don't you just approach the commercial banks and fund for less if your equity + sales are good ???.... his reply> we already do but we need more funds NZ to small Aus banks already Max out loan limits ..

      I also would like to know if anyone had any funds invested ....


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        Crashy dead right, they will go belly up its when not if...and they will take a whole bunch of suckers with them


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          That guy Kenyon Clark went under owing about $50 million around 10 years ago too.
          Squadly dinky do!