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A Public complained to WorkSafe re concern about Asbestos on our property

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  • A Public complained to WorkSafe re concern about Asbestos on our property

    I received a phone call from a staff of WorkSafe that someone in the public laid a complaint to WorkSafe that the roof work (water blasting for preparation for roof coating) is not safe and the roof may contain Asbestos.

    The contractor's answer to me.

    "she was concerned about only 2 hand rails on the gable ends. Sorted that out, only 2 are required for there."

    She told me she was concerned more about the Asbestos. I asked how a public knew about Asbestos on the roof and who it was. She said she could not tell me but the person knew about Asbestos very well.

    The contractor's reply.

    "I have talked to the worksafe people and it is asbestos they are concerned about. Not sure where on the roof it is, the old primers or something. Anyways not working on it till I hear back from them and it gets tested."

    The staff sent me an email later saying that the roof contractor will arrange Asbestos test and in the meantime there will be a notice at the property and the tenant should know.

    So, I sent an email to the tenant not to use the shoes inside. The reason is from the water blast, the Asbestos would be on the ground if there is.

    If it turns out not to have Asbestos, that would be great, but then, this would be a very unfair case.

    If it turns out to have Asbestos, what happens? The property and the tenant.

    I just found this link and am going to read it. In the meantime, if you have any experience, please let me know how you dealt with it.

    That would be much appreciated.


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    Hi Nano,

    Scroll up - and in the Search box put in 'Asbestos' - you'll pick up a few discussions on the topic.

    Re your 'concerned person' - it's probably a neighbour and maybe they too own a home that was built around the same era and it too has/had Asbestos.

    It's better to know and deal with it accordingly. See image below click it - and you'll get the pdf with instructions etc

    Click image for larger version

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