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House price inflation, gold coins and Henry the 8th.

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  • House price inflation, gold coins and Henry the 8th.

    Just a few day ago a bunch of ancient solid gold coins were dug up in a garden.
    Link below.

    Curious because they had the initials of the beheaded wives of the king of the time (Henry).

    How is that connected to NZ's mad house price inflation?
    Why might our present RESERVE BANK GOVENOR earn the name NEW COPPER NOSE?

    Because Henry, apart from being a ladies man of extreme determination,
    also debased the coinage of the time.
    Debasement of such a degree, that with a little wear the copper would show through on the nose of his portrait.

    This debasement of the silver money, is exactly like the waves of QE that our reserve bank had been indulging in.
    And had the exact same effect, inflation.

    QE is debasement.

    Debasement always causes inflation.

    Except in our case, we just see it in housing firstly,
    because mortgages are how our debased QE currency is introduced.

    Merry Xmas NEW COPPERNOSE?