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Photos from PT Cocktail Evening!

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  • Photos from PT Cocktail Evening!

    Have uploaded some photos from last night's PT Cocktail Evening at Wildfire at the Viaduct. Thank you Barry for organising this wonderful event. It was such a blast, I had so much fun and learnt heaps talking to like-minded people. I believe everyone would agree with me !!!.

    See the pictures here :

    Personal apology for not remembering the names of the people I've met for the first time

    PM me if you want full resolution photos I can probably email them to you or I'll copy them to CD. Bear in mind that 1 photo is almost 1MB in size though...


    What you think of me is none of my business - T.Cole-Whittaker

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    Hi Andre

    Great stuff.

    Just love these

    Thoroughly enjoyed meeting you in the morning.

    Great afternoon
    and an even better get together in the evening.

    Well done to Whitt and others for organizing the afternoon and Propoholic for the evening.

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      Thanks Muppet, likewise it was great meeting you at the product expo Sat morning. PM me the next time you're in Auckland to arrange a biophotonic scan! (for the curious among you forumites, this scanner device can measure the level of your health in 3 minutes! sounds like magic but actually backed by solid science)

      As for the Charity event and evening - it was all good and everyone seemed to have such a great time!

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      What you think of me is none of my business - T.Cole-Whittaker


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        Thank you Marc and Andre for the pics. They are great.

        Special thanks to Whitt and Propoholic for organizing events

        and of course lots of thanks to everyone who was there

        I absolutely loved my day full of P roperty Investing Events