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any opinion about lifestyle property in ramarama

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  • any opinion about lifestyle property in ramarama

    One of my friends suggested buying lifestyle property in ramarama. She said that there would be great captial gain as the Auckland City expands and there seemed to be affordable ones there (400k to 700k).
    I just got the following questions to start with:
    1. How to choose a lifestyle property in general?
    2. Which part of Ramarama should be inspected?
    3. Any suggestions about price, that is, when you come to different acres in different property? Or roughly how much should be paid for one acre bareland?
    4. Any good agents that can be recommended?
    Any opinion is welcome.

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    Having lived in that area until recently I would make the following comments.
    Lifestyle blocks never get good yield. In the case of Franklin Council, they are the most difficult, anti progressive council in Auckland. There is little chance of rezoning in your lifetime to make landbanking viable in that area. Takanini and Manukau rural are much better bets as they are being progressively rezoned to residential, which is where the real money is.
    You will get good gains on property in Ramarama but they are high maintenance as rentals and a lot of hard work to live on
    However if you insist on pursuing this James Twigg from Barfoots in Papakura is the top man in that area by far.


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      People don't seem to realise the work that goes into a life style block. There ain't no lifestyle in it.

      The land will most likely not be economic so will end up being a hobby with some animals to graze. They will take time to tend to as well. So you go to work, but before you go you tend to the stock and then you do the same after work. Your weekends away will be eroded.

      So unless you love hard work and can bear hanging around until you sell...

      Speak to those who have lifestyle blocks...see what they say.

      I am not saying don't buy...just keep perspective.


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        Hi Rogerm

        To buy out in Ramarama will not be for positive cashflow. My parents have lived out there for many years and while they have seen plenty of capital gain as Poomba has said there has been very little, if any, movement with regard to subdividing land etc from the Fanklin Council.

        My feeling is that people out in this area tend to buy property because they love what they are getting resulting in some very high prices for places.

        I hear that places on the market there are starting to take longer to sell so perhaps finally the market is starting to cool.

        Just a couple of thoughts from me.

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          thanks all

          thank you for the prompt and helpful opinion. I will tell my friend and this will help her a lot.