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Finding off-market properties

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  • Finding off-market properties

    Hi everyone. First post here. I've been (legitimately, with their permission) collecting contact details of people that are wanting to sell their homes privately, so that they aren't paying out a selling fee to an agent. The reason I'm posting here is to ask if receiving these leads would be of value to folks like yourself.

    As it is now I have collected the property address, full name, phone and email of individuals who are interested in selling their homes privately and are interested in being connected with buyers. This doesn't necessarily mean that their home isn't listed publicly. At the moment my list is a mix of listed and unlisted homes.

    There's a few different ways to model this, so really I'm just reaching out to see what you all think.

    Apologies if I'm breaking any forum rules.

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    A good idea but be careful! You may not be breaking forum rules but keep an eye on the law...


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      Originally posted by ladyagent View Post
      A good idea but be careful! You may not be breaking forum rules but keep an eye on the law...
      What law are you talking about...Mr Jones is talking about private sales, totally legit


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        Depends on whether Mr Jones is/ will be making money from a transaction doesn't it? Surely he is stepping into REA's area and the legal implications of such.


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          Seems like he's acting as an agent to me...
          Squadly dinky do!


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            Yeah ok, if you are buying these properties and then on-selling down the track thats ok . But if you are just a middleman introducing sellers to buyers and asking for a fee, then yes you are acting as an agent...off to jail you go!