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Subdivision cost - multiple titles

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  • Subdivision cost - multiple titles

    I?m looking at subdividing a piece of medium density land. My research suggests that the cost of subdivision is approx 50 to 90k. A number of websites state that there is often a significant saving when subdividing the same piece of land into multiple titles. Does anyone have any experience with this? What sort of saving would u be looking at ? Property is in Lower Hutt - looking at four or five titles.


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    Hi there,

    I completed a subdivision last year in Lower Hutt. Just a simple division of one section into two. It cost approx $80k.

    I would say you should budget a minimum of $90k, because even though there would be efficiencies with multiple titles, it will still likely cost more.

    Many surveying companies offer free assessments where they can look at your site and give you a rough idea of costs involved.

    Good luck!


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      Depends mainly on construction of services for the extra sections, these are a significant part of the cost. Ask a surveying firm for a quote for the consent and surveying and an idea what it would take to service the sections. You can then talk to some contractors about an estimate of construction options.

      If you want to do a multi title subdivision but don't want to get the titles all at once you can do a staged consent, that way you only have to pay development contributions for the titles you want at the time.
      You can get consent approved and then all the services installed at once. You do pay for another survey plan and titles request so its probably 5K more but can make financing and holding land a lot easier.