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  • Timaru

    Currently I'm thinking about buying one property in Timaru and rent it out. After 2 or 3 years, I can move in as my retirement property after a little renovation. At the moment, I?m interested in one property there and agent told me that property rental appraisal report shows the rent is between $500 to $550. It?s very attractive to me.
    The reason why I want to buy one property in Timaru is that I found the property price in Timaru isn?t high at the moment, comparing with its neighboring areas, e.g. Chch, Dunedin, Comwell?
    Can anyone who are familiar with Timaru or its surroundings share your thoughts with me about how easy to rent out rental properties there, how about the capital gain there, and how good it is as one retirement town? Thank you very much!
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    I think the important questions o be asking is what are the employment opportunities in the area like, population size (100+ and growing??), land availability, is it quite dense of is the availably of land abundant, these all factor when decking on a location for investment.

    Using it as a retirement plan is a whole other story and a trip down there for a weekend should be in order. Could you live there long term, what is on offer for me!


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      Thanks for you sharing your thoughts. Indeed, Timaru hasn’t shown more job opportunities so far; population isn’t many and can’t see any reasons why Timaru can become next a hot spot….moreover, the property price there in 2019 was dropped a little bit comparing with 2018….who knows what will happen in 2020 eventually……..yes, I’ll re-think about my decision. Once again, thank you very much…