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Stormwater Questions - ballpark pricing and advice needed.

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  • Stormwater Questions - ballpark pricing and advice needed.

    My partner is looking to sell her house. It is on a corner section but has no stormwater connection (which she has been told would improve her asking price). The closest connection is across the road and down the hill one property. There are 2 other possible connections but they are across at least 3-5 properties.

    She was told that one option is to get consent from the neighbour involved signed and left as that.
    (yes/no) ?

    I was thinking of 2 other possibilities and would like your comments/feedback please.

    The stormwater pipe only needs to be extended @ 10 metres or so to get to the kerb across the road, creating what i hope (don't know) would be an access point for whoever buys her property to connect to without having too much hassle.

    The other option is to extend the pipe under the road and create an access point on her property.

    Of the 3 options, which would create the best outcome for her , one real estate agent said a developer would be able to get up to 4 dwellings on the land but that was dependent on a stormwater solution.

    And if she went for getting the pipe laid herself then how would she go about it.

    Thank you for your time,


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    SW is required to discharge into the public stormwater network and sometimes that could be the kerb depending on the local council rules. Firstly I would check council's requirements/allowances.
    I would not go for a 'signed consent' from a neighbour. No buyer will be happy with that. If you are discharging SW over another lot then you require an easement. This involves a survey to show the easement and an instrument that will registered against both property titles. This will forever secure this right. The neighbour is entitled to ask for a consideration ($) for allowing this right.
    If the developer thinks they could get 4 dwellings on the site with a SW upgrade then they will deal with the SW issue, I don't see why she would go to all the trouble for this just in case a developer is interested.
    Start with council requirements first. I wouldn't think they would allow you to thrust a pipe under their road. Sometimes advise from a consultant will give you an answer. As for laying the pipe, yes you can engage your own contractor. But don't go cheap on this process, it will bite you on the bum. I think you need professional advice.


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      Thank you for your reply,

      I will follow your advice and post back as i can.

      Step 1: Seek council advice - Can stormwater be discharged from a multi property development to the kerb?
      If not , what options do i have in relation to accessing the s/w system on the neighbours property? Requirements/professional advice etc.

      Step 2: Talk to professional (i may ask here for a recommendation) and assess the cost to benefits.

      Step 3: If worth it proceed with work.

      A quick FYI , was always going to remunerate the neighbour (fairs fair) and the real estate agent quoted the 4 dwellings on this property. An acquaintence who has done a 4 2-storey build down the road said that 3 could go on her property, and also said that with the s/w in place the value for her property would go from 6 > 7 figures, whether that happens is dependant on the outcome from steps 1 & 2.