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Cost of running 50m water pipe from mains? Tank vs mains vs both, does it add value?

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  • Cost of running 50m water pipe from mains? Tank vs mains vs both, does it add value?

    My Cousin has an IP which use to be semi rural in Rodney. Now the street has mains water. The family is happy being on tank but would also like the option to use the tank in summer for other things. They have only had to fill the tanks once in the last 7 years, $300 for water, cheap.

    My main question is how much would a 50m long water pipe cost the 5 properties all up?

    Also does it add value to a property?

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    The cost will likely be what the council says it will be.


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      Plus the additional "Premium" they will pay on their water bill for the privilege of having a tank. And dont forget the waste water charge at three times the price of and as a percentage of metered water.
      Watercare will give some lame excuse such as reflecting the "real" cost of water distribution/ waste water system, eg infrastructure, which for those without a tank the cost is amortised in the water charge.
      Whereas for those that also have a tank, their metered consumption will be assumed to be less than a normal user due to them using their tank supply, but still sending the waste water down the sewer (regardless of whether they have septic tank or town sewer)
      There's much more to it than just connecting up to the water pipe running past the place.


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        Yep wastecare is a joke, they will charge you the full highest price if on tank but have waste water, even if only one person is in the house.

        Anyway, I know the cost for him of the council side, what I want to know is the cost to lay a 50m pipe for the 5 houses to connect (and share cost of)?

        And does having mains water add value over properties running off Tank water? Tank water is cheaper when not in drought, but it is also less convenient and I think some foreigners might see it as being a bit 3rd world, even if some of Rodneys most expensive houses run off tank water. Im just trying to guess the average buyers psych toward the convenience of mains water?