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Calling all Wellington property developers

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  • Calling all Wellington property developers

    I have been enduring the pain of dealing with the Wellington City Council for the lat 10 years as i was getting various resource and building consents. Finally i lost patience and asked for a meeting with the Mayor and the Head of Consents. I have put to them a list of issues that required addressing the top one of which was that consents are not being processed within the statutory timeframe. I also said that the developers have no voice in the council and we are sick and tired of the randomness and subjectivity of the council officers we have to deal with. I told the Mayor that it is one thing to complain about housing and rentals shortage, but its another thing to do something to help developers like me and people on this forum. At the moment the Council is not helping us at all. In fact it is making our life difficult.

    We agreed that there should be a quarterly meeting of about 1 hour which Justin agreed to attend together with the Head of Consents unit. I told Justin i will spread the word and get a group of developers together so we can put our concerns together and see what the council can do to help us.

    So - please get in touch with me if you want to participate in this process. The head of consents guy said he has a list of about 15 -20 developers who regularly go though consent process so they are likely to contact some people directly. I want to spread the word as much as i can to get as many developers as possible. If we approach the council together representing 100 or so homes being build in one year (and those of us who build for rent will represent 100s of rooms being built for rent) we should get the Council's attention hopefully and potentially achieve a bit of a change? Justin agreed that the subjectivity in the Council is a problem and shared a horror situation he experienced before he joined the council. So certainly it appeared he is keen to listen anyway. We will see how far we will get as part of the process. First meeting is proposed in November with the date still to be confirmed. Please contact me if you want to joint the process. I am considering incorporating an Association so we can formalise our presence a bit and see if we can create a bit of a change in the Council to make our life a bit easier. Please contact me direct if you want to join.
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    Great work Judge - Did you make sure the November meeting was in the Mayor's calendar or just Justins - might find Justin has lots of spare time come November

    I currently deal mainly with Porirua City Council but I would be willing to join your monthly meeting it might help to get some consistency of thinking across the region and we really need these small minded councilors understand Wellington Region (at least WCC, PCC and HCC) are one region business (like developers) move between.


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      This sort of thing is needed elsewhere too--The issue is not confined to the Wellington region


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        Geez, well done. I doubt that could ever happen in Auckland. They're far too important to meet with developers up here.
        Squadly dinky do!


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          Will keep you in mind DBTH.
          And thanks for the feedback guys. Really hoping that it will make a difference, while remaining realistic...


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            Looks like i am not the only one feeling unhappy with the Council's performance...


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              Hi mate, flick me an email

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