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Healthy Homes Guarantee Act standards announced

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  • Interesting that when private landlords indicate that the Healthy Homes requirements will increase costs and therefore rents they are abused and told to 'be fair.' Yet the requirements are now having the same effect on Council social housing:

    "Rent hike: 'How's a poor old pensioner meant to make do?'

    Council tenants in Owaka are calling for a meeting with officials to discuss their anxiety over rents, which are expected to soar by as much as 90% next year.

    Figures for the proposed rent increases for the council's 97 community housing units were provided in a report during its meeting last week.

    The report forms part of the council's rental review for the units, which provide housing for lower-income residents, including many pensioners.

    Because the council must comply with the Government's healthy homes standards (HHS) by July 1 next year, the report says, this means the Owaka single-unit rent will soar to $173 a week (up 90%), to make the units, and any refurbishment, self-funding"

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