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  • Sold?

    There's a house we're very interested in putting in an offer on but days before we were ready someone else beat us to it. A trust has had their offer accepted by the seller, except one of the trustees hasn't signed yet (and can't for another couple weeks).

    So my question is - is the contract in place without the final signature and if not if I present an offer does the agent have to present it to the seller?

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    If the vendor has signed a counter offer they can’t pull out (Not sure if there is a timeframe on the other party completing their signing of the contract).

    worst thing the vendor can do is sign two s&p’s on the one property.


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      I presume you're ready to offer a substantially larger amount than the current offer?
      If so, then tell the agent that and ask if anything can be done.
      I think the trust can walk away from the contract if not all trustees have signed - I think this is the 'out' that they can use if required.
      The agent hasn't done his job properly.
      So I think the answer to the question: 'is a contract in place?' is yes if the trust wants it to be, and no if the trust wants to walk away.
      The trust now controls this sale - not the vendor.
      (of course, this is just my opinion)


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        Thanks guys. Pretty much what I figured but thought it was worth an ask.