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Potential illegal addition and advice about QV

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  • Potential illegal addition and advice about QV

    Hi, Looking at a property.

    LIM says last consented addition was in 1986.

    QV doesn't record the 1986 addition (its info on this place begins in 1985 and footprint doesn't change size from 85 to 86 on the QV records).

    QV records a 25m addition in 1997. LIM has no record of this addition.

    How accurate is QVs record-keeping?

    I will be checking property file on Tuesday when council opens again.

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    the question you also have to ask is how accurate are the council records. Before the building act council were no\t required to maintain records

    QV is usually council based records??

    You should be care using the term illegal AS this is emotive and inflammatory.

    It may be unconsented and lawful? or unconsented and not unlawful? but not illegal