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  • Predictions for 2018

    Given the new wave of socialists in the beehive, 2018 looks like a year of many upsets and changes. What's your take on the year to come?


    Some PT threads to refer to:
    Election 2017 - Party commitments on mandatory WOFs, affordable rents .....
    Rentals to have WOF by 2019 under Green, Landlords would also have to pay a bond
    Labour 'policy to make life better for renters'
    At last - WOF for Tenants
    Healthy Homes Guarantees Bill
    Labour to end tax breaks for landlords and property investors

    The poll is expired.

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    CHCH is not a good place for residential rental investment in 2017. Not sure if it is getting worse in 2018.


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      I think the Healthy Homes Bill will expedite the withdrawal of older as-is-where-is stock from the market in Christchurch and population growth is still chugging along. http://www.cdc.org.nz/christchurch-e...lation-growth/

      be greedy when others are fearful.
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        I agree Nick - I love these types of articles as an astute investor will typically not be affected. Meanwhile the market does react to this type of sentiment supressing values and making investing easier...


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          It will be a year of disappointment. Labour have promised a utopian state (well almost) and the gullible will be expecting it in 2018. More houses for rent and purchase, more jobs esp. in the regions and probably the opposite will happen.

          The role of the media will be interesting in 2018. What will be their key targets this year? My guess is: the Gov't broken promises, and the whereabouts of Winston Peters.


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            The media? You jest.

            They're a bunch of moronic, ratings-oriented, sycophantic puppets.


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              I'm expecting Winston will have a tempering effect on rampant Green/Labour socialist agendum. There will be plenty of silly Govt spin regardless. One or two ministers will resign/step down this year. Judith Collins will be the new leader of National, and if they are unified under her the electorate will have some real choice come 2020.

              I think 2018 will be a good year for property particularly in the greater Wellington region.


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                When everyone wakes up and decides that life goes on things will go on being the same.

                Twatford has found out that while he was making a lot of noise (empty tin cans do that ), that HNZ was actually doing a great job and now instead of making HNZ a govt. dept again, he is leaving it as it is. So no change there.
                He is also starting to find out that building houses ain't as easy as waving jacinda's stardust wand. So again all noise.

                The Greens have been embolded to rant and rave some more so expect lots of money to be wasted on their uneconomic idea's. Compulsory solar etc. More rail in Auckland and more bloody buses which the ratepayer has to subsidize someone else's transport. That's despite cars being cheaper than ever.

                Winston HMMM. Probably won't make the end of the year. Sick man, apart from the fact that he can't get on with anyone he has to work with.
                Now known as the Invisible man of NZ politics.

                The trees won't get planted.
                The houses won't get built.
                Tax receipts will tumble.
                NZ dollar to go higher.
                Drugs won't be decriminalized.
                Teachers will continue to moan and complain.
                Charter School argument may split the Govt. They have some worthy opponents in their own ranks and sooner or later Hipkins might wake up and smell the roses and sense that actually the teachers unions are not his best friends.
                Interest rates to be stable with a downside.
                More money to DOC.
                Councils will remain defiant of ratepayers spending to appease the non paying public.
                NZTA will continue to build badly designed roundabouts causing a lot of accidents and costs for vehicle owners.
                Govt. will be too lazy to set up an organization to help SME.'s.
                Mobie will become even more inefficient and behave even more like Attila the Hun.
                Landlords will as usual be the bad guys. (Nothing changes).

                I'm sure there is more.

                Just remember "it's never good or bad out there, only what you think it is."

                Don't let the naysayers obliterate your dreams.


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                  We'll all check back in three months for your progress report (card).


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                    WINZ and Chris W

                    In another thread, here: Financial Armageddon!! . . .

                    You have covered in a lot of detail what you think of asset prices and their future direction. I'd like to hear your opinion on where rents would go in these scenarios. People have to live somewhere, right? Excluding the situation of high levels of unemployment the demand for accommodation will more or less remain constant, don't you think?

                    Do you see:
                    • a rent drop?
                    • a ROI yield increase as rents remain but values decline?
                    • a shift where people physically move to a smaller, less desirable location to reduce their cost of renting?
                    • no price change but overcrowding - more people in same house to reduce cost/person?
                    • something else altogether??
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                      Maybe developers will get on board in 2018 and build affordable homes (not their McMansions) which take up all useable land so there no room for a veg. garden and trees (don't forget the trees - NZers love chopping them down and replace them with concrete etc - yuck!) Auckland has lost a third of its trees in last five years!


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                        Originally posted by Perry View Post
                        We'll all check back in three months for your progress report (card).
                        The more things change the more they stay the same.

                        Have Govt. departments changed? No
                        Have councils changed? No
                        Have the Tax Laws changed. Not yet.
                        Has Winston changed. NO
                        Will anything much change. NO


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                          Well, we did get a change of government.


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                            Oh no one predicted Jacinda would be pregnant!


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                              Oh yes they did.
                              Whaeoil for a start, way back.
                              Negotiating only in the afternoon after being sick in the mornings?
                              Tell me some of the Lady MP's didn't figure it out.
                              She is a fraud.

                              Mark Richardson asked her way back and she got all snotty.

                              This was all on the go and what's more they managed to news about it as well.
                              H2 would have cut the nuts out of anyone who spilled the news.

                              Evidence of high level PR.
                              Look at the fish hook symbols that were used for the press release.
                              Now that was clever PR.
                              Not something spur of the moment.

                              Wouldn't trust the tart as far as I could boot her.
                              After Aunty Helen trained her.

                              Only good thing is I doubt very much she will return.
                              At 37 its not a breeze and the chances of something going wrong are high. Not that I wish that but it is a fact.

                              I would like to see the 38 page agreement. wouldn't you?
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