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Anyone used Ak Plan rule H4.6.3 for "The conversion of a dwelling into 2"?

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  • Anyone used Ak Plan rule H4.6.3 for "The conversion of a dwelling into 2"?

    I am currently working on getting permission to convert an unpermitted granny flat built in the 1980s into a second legal unit under AK Plan rule H4.6.3 for "The conversion of a principal dwelling into a maximum of two dwellings".

    Preliminary discussions with Council planners has revealed a great deal of ignorance and confusion on their part over this rule. So far they have tried to treat it like a subdivision and apply subdivision rules over driveway width. We are currently taking it to a more formal consultation where we can point this out this error. But it has revealed that the transport rules on driveways do apply to "dwellings" rather than sites (probably a mistake in the plan, but there it is now. My conversion should still be able the meet these rules however.

    I was wondering if anyone has progressed further with using H4.6.3 because if someone in Ak council has made some precedent decisions it gets easier to see what is needed to meet this rules requirements.
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    They take pride in making every little thing as difficult as possible.

    Have they suggested various fees will need to be paid yet?
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      Have they suggested you need to do something?

      Then, wait for it, a couple of years after you do it they will try to charge you rent for doing it.

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      Remind me if you can Davo. How many car parks did you have on file which they "forgot" about?

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        Oh it was 21 Keys with the last one. The begrudgingly admitted they had been paid for after the planner I hired (who used to be a senior planner at the local council - Papakura - this was before the SuperCity) harassed them for some time.

        And you know what? On a previous building in Papakura, there was a note in the property file (hard copies in those days) saying 15 car parks had been paid for. So I asked for this to be formalised in writing to me please. Those files used to have lots of duplicate stuff, so multiple copies of plans etc. And there were 3 copies of this note. They then said "We can't find that note in the file or any record of this." So I met with the guy who said that, he had the file on his desk. I went through it and they had removed 2 copies, but I found the 3rd!. It was kind of stuck to another bit of paper. They had removed the other 2 but missed this one!

        That was when I realised that the council staff are not only kind of useless and unhelpful, as you'd expect them to be, but they are actually liars and cheats too. They will actually go out of their way to illegally take stuff that is not theirs.

        So of course, with the second one (21 car parks) I photocopied everything first, then hit them up about it! Fu**ers.
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