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A Warning - Auckland LIM System Delays

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  • A Warning - Auckland LIM System Delays


    Just wanted to let you know, if you're currently negotiating a contract, put in more than 10 days due diligence for the LIMs.

    Per the Auckland Council website (updated some time this week, it wasn't there last weekend)

    Online and urgent LIM services currently unavailable

    Online LIM services are temporarily unavailable while we standardise our services across Auckland.
    Urgent LIMs will not be available for all areas until further notice.
    Standard LIMs can still be ordered in person at a service centre or by post using the instructions listed on the Land Information Memorandums (LIMs) web page. Forms can also be emailed using the relevant email address in the LIM application form (PDF 360KB).
    Online ordering will resume for North and West customers from 6 June.
    Central and South customers will be able to order online when services return to normal in mid-July.

    Note my bolding; but it's actually much worse than that. When I downloaded and filled in their form, and sent it off to the email address provided, I get:

    Good afternoon Anthony,

    Unfortunately all LIM services are unavailable today due to system upgrades/changes. We will be back up and running again on Tuesday 6th June 2017.

    We will contact you on Tuesday to arrange payment.

    Unfortunately we have no control over the systems all going down for upgrades, Southern is going through Major change and won’t be able to take Urgent LIMS at all for some time. Yes customers can apply for a Standard LIM over the counter and these will be lodged next week into Councils new system and Standards can take 10 working days.

    We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.
    Don't think this is quite legal, as I think they're legislated to have Standards done within 10 working days from receipt, not lodging; or else it's a pointless law.

    So - in the next week or so don't sign a contract on 10 days LIM DD. And for the near future don't have a contract with a shorter DD period thinking you'll get an urgent LIM and sort it out...
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