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AirBnB Whilst Selling & On the Market

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  • AirBnB Whilst Selling & On the Market

    Hi Guys

    I have a home and income . Three bedroom then a self contained flat.
    The property is on trademe as a BBO

    I'm considering doing an airbnb for the flat and possibly the main house.

    I asked my insurance about this and they seemed a little clueless.

    Has anyone done this and is there anything I need to look out for ?
    I heard tax/gst changes and it could void your insurance.

    Would be great to get some income while we are marketing the property.

    thanks Fever

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    My neighbour's been doing this. Possibly worth it if it's not an easy property to sell and you're expecting it to sit empty for a while and you have a stash of furniture and homewares sitting around somewhere.

    Things to consider:
    - you will need a Wifi and electricity connection (minimum period?)
    - you will need commercial insurance ($$$)
    - outfitting (I just did a 3-bedroom and by shopping around and sniffing out bargains I kept it to $15-20K)
    - a new listing takes a little while to gain momentum

    Oh, and GST only kicks in once you get $60K pa turnover, so doesn't affect most AirBnBers
    My blog. From personal experience.