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Please some Advise on Gisborne Area as place to invest

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  • Please some Advise on Gisborne Area as place to invest

    Hello Everyone,
    Thanks in Advance to help me on this...

    I'm planning to invest in a property(s) in Gisborne area. Still working on my strategy as I don't know much of this city yet, I'm planning a trip but I will need to know more about it before getting there.

    I will like to buy a 3 bedroom house(s), renovate and rent it. A few questions:

    1 - Which are the areas in Gisborne have high demand and sell the fastest?

    2 - What is the average time for selling a 3 bedroom house in a fast selling area/ high demand area?

    3 - Is the hospital area a good place to invest in a property (3 Bed. House) to Hold and rent? should be a good area for long term/ good tenants?

    Thanks Heaps!


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    I don't know Gisborne but, if you haven't already ring a few of the local agents and ask them.


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      Find out who the best 3 property managers are and call them.

      Also I think you're asking questions in the wrong order if you want a house to rent. How fast something sells is less important than tenant demand, rent, proximity to amenities, what types of properties are popular/not with tenants etc.
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